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Bruno Mars Tattoos

Bruno Mars Tattoos and their Meanings

Bruno Mars, better known as the “Uptown Funkster” is a Hawaiian-born American musician, songwriter, and rapper. He was born Peter Gene Hernandez on October 8th, 1985 in Honolulu Hawaii.

Bruno got his first tattoo at age 19 which symbolized his mother’s maiden name. Since then he has acquired many more tattoos, some of which gain inspiration from his numerous tours.

While you dive in and read about his tattoos, feel free to click on the play button. At least you’ll have great music while you read! Go Bruno!

Bruno Mars’ tattoos and their meanings:

  • The first and most renowned of Bruno’s tattoos is the one he has on his right shoulder. It is a tattoo of a red heart with a ribbon surrounding it with the word “BERNADETTE” written in it. Bernadette is of course the name of Bruno’s mother – Bernadette Hernandez. Some say it is the most meaningful tattoo he has.
  • On his inner left arm, Bruno has a tattoo of a knife with “PET’S BOY” written under it. This one is a homage to his father Pete.
  • On Bruno’s right forearm there is an anchor tattoo. Anchor tattoos usually relate to peace, strength, determination, and passion.
  • On his left forearm, Bruno has a gypsy tattoo. Gypsy tattoos usually symbolize freedom, love of life, and spiritual awareness.
  • Bruno’s last tattoo (for the writing of these lines) is of an Aztec Symbol on his left shoulder.

As you may know, artists and rappers especially, tend to add more and more tattoos over time ๐Ÿ™‚

So with that said, we covered the five known and seen tattoos but we have a feeling that this article about Bruno Mars’ tattoos will need an update soon.

And, if by chance you read it long enough to finish the above song, here is another great Bruno clip for you, and don’t forget in the comments to let us know which you liked better!

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