Coolest & Most Meaningful Grandchildren Tattoos

Grandparents with Grandchildren
I agree! Cool, grandchildren and tattoos are three words most would probably never imagine in seeing together in one sentence – but here it is.
As tattoos go more and more into the mainstream, and probably because the flower kids of the sixties are now grandparents, we see more and more grandparents doing tattoos of and because of their grandchildren.

And there you go, a new tattoo trend is born – Grandkids Tattoos

Below are the leading grandkids tattoo ideas. We only have one request – let us know in the comments which one you picked ๐Ÿ™‚

Grandchildren Name Tattoos

This has got to be one of the leading grandkids tattoo ideas: a tattoo with just your grandkids name. It is simple and straight forward and it will last forever, as long as your grandchildren do not change their names ๐Ÿ™‚

Grandchildren Initial Tattoos

Whether you have too many grandchildren or they have long names… You may want to consider simply tattoo their initials!

Grandchildren Tattoo Ideas

In the above, I mean it literally, the grandkids ideas… Go with the grandson or granddaughter and let them pick.
I think that automatically it will turn you into the coolest grandparent on the block.

Grandchildren Quote Tattoos

A popular trend nowadays is tattooing meaningful sayings or scripture. And when your grandkids are the ones saying it, how cool is that. This one has to be in my top five of grandkids tattoos.
And you can play with it. It can be the first word or something he/she said.
I just hope for you they kept it short…

Abstract Tattoos Representing Grandchildren

Abstract tattoos are fun because the sky is the limit. All you need to think about is something that represents each of your grandkids and let the mind go wild. For example, something that represents the outgoing nature of your granddaughter, something for the adventurous spirit of your grandson, etc.
Alternatively, the tattoo design itself doesn’t have to be of abstract nature but the meaning can be.
I’ll explain – you can tattoo a necklace of hearts where each heart represents one of your grandkids.
A bouquet of balloons where each balloon is dedicate to one of your loved ones.
Since we are talking about grandparents and grandkids, I personally like the idea of a tattoo of a tree where the branches represent the family – kind of a heritage tree.

Grandchildren Tattoo Gallery

At this point I believe enough is said (or written) and below are some cool and creative examples I found from around the web:
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