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OTF Tattoo Meaning

Lil Durk - OTF Tattoo

OTF is an acronym that stands for quite a few interpretations, one of which is Optical Transfer Function. But we can all assume it’s not the one you had in mind.

OTF Tattoos came to the front of the stage due to Lil Durk’s record label and rapping group ‘Only The Family’, which was formed back in 2011.

Lil Durk actually has OTF tattooed twice on his body – twice out of his many many tattoos (46 for the date of writing these lines).

But, with that in mind, browsing through the web in general (and Urban Dictionary in particular) can bring in some additional interesting discoveries and meanings to this acronym.

One of which I really liked and it stands for Only The Finest. To me, it makes an amazing idea as a group tattoo with a bunch of friends or with others in your family. Either way, whether Only The Finest or Only The Family – You gotta love this meaning.

Lil Durk - OTF Tattoo
Icebox, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Additional OTF Meanings

Here are a few more interesting OTF meanings:

1. On The Fly

2. On The Fence

3. Over The Fence

4. On The Floor

5. Only The Facts

6. One True Friend

To my opinion, last two above also have great meanings and can serve nicely as tattoos.

On the other hand, other OTF meanings include Off Topic Forum, On Topic Forum, and Opportunity To Fuck (sorry about that one…).

You can browse about a dozen more here and here

Only The Family & Lil Durk

Only The Family Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Now that we’ve established OTF’s meaning and you chose the meaning that suits you, the question remains is what to do with it? What design best fits this idea.

As with any other words tattoo, the sky is literally the limit. 

These tattoos can be embedded practically anywhere on your body, they work big or small, colorful or B&W.

Lil Durk for example had used two different styles and in two placements – once on his forearm and the other OTF is on his neck.

OTF Tattoo Font
OTF Tattoo Tribal Font
Bleeding OTF Tattoo

And when it comes to words or fonts, they also work extremely well as transparent or outlines to something inside.

Transparent OTF Tattoo Outlines

Here are a few more ideas and designs:

Here is one of my favorite OTF tattoo examples and it is one of a family. Two brothers making a matching tattoo:

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