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Compass Tattoos

Compass tattoos are definitely trending these days. There are lots of reasons for that, but the main being the fact that it is “simply” a flexible tattoo. And by that, I mean that it has lots of meanings, can be implemented wonderful practically on any body part, can be done in a variety tattooing of styles, and would be amazing both on men and women.

Let’s dwell on it and see if a compass tattoo is right for you!

Compass Tattoo Meanings

Here are some of the main ideas connected with compass tattoos. I’ve divided them into male and female ones to give you a better overview. Needless to say, these are just examples and just like the Rorschach test, each can see things differently…

Male Compass Tattoo Meanings

1 . Historical Significance – This is probably one of the most popular reasons for getting tattooed in this style. Compass tattoos can refer either to nautical compasses or medieval compasses, which were used in order to create perfect circles. If you’re into history, then this style is definitely for you! Just imagine how cool it would be if your loved one has something similar?!

2 . Direction – The idea behind compass tattoos is that they represent direction (in both cases). No matter whether you get one representing the north, south, east, or west direction – it’s going to be a statement tattoo. By direction doesn’t have to be physical which takes us to the next point…

3 . Guidance – Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you had a compass guiding you all the time? A compass tattoo is definitely something that could guide your way in life so you don’t go astray. It can help, too!

4 . Symbol of Stability and Security – This is a more subtle meaning that a lot of people might not know about. You see, compasses were used as a tool for navigation in order to keep stability during travel and achieve security. Nowadays, things aren’t this strict anymore – we have GPS systems and other similar devices adhering us to the right track. But these items are far from being precise because they couldn’t replace the power of a compass.

5 . Symbol of Maturation – Maturity is not achieved overnight, it comes step by step and goes through lots of trials and errors. And the same with tattoos – getting your first one marks your beginning on the right track towards maturity! I know that some people will disagree with me on this, but if you think about it more deeply you’re going to understand what I’m talking about.

6 . Direction and Guidance Together – If you want to represent both notions above in one tattoo then check out this idea: get a couple of compasses or just one which contains two parts (i.e. north and south) and place them next to each other! This way you’ll get the most accurate directions and guidance you could ever need.

7 . To Be an Explorer – If you want to be someone who explores unknown territory and never fails, then a compass tattoo is totally for you! It represents direction and determination which are the most important traits every explorer needs to have.

8 . There’s Always Room For Improvement – What would be better than making yourself feel good about life all the time? Compass tattoos are perfect to keep your morale high because they symbolize constant improvement by having something stable in life.

9 . Stability During Career Changes – Since the idea of stability comes from navigation it’s only logical that this notion can also apply during career changes! A compass might help you navigate through these temporary rough seas which will eventually end up with you finding something new to get involved with.

10 . Symbol of Freedom – Last, but not least, compass tattoos also stand for freedom because they could guide your way no matter where you are or what you want to accomplish. Just think about that for a while and I’m sure you’ll start feeling free!

Female Compass Tattoo Meanings

1 . Historical Significance – Although men mostly love this notion the same goes for women. I don’t know why but compasses seem very masculine so only women who really like history would go for it in this style. But either way, there’s nothing wrong with it so if this is something you feel drawn to then go ahead!

2 . Female Guidance – Another idea behind compass tattoos for women is being guided through life by their loved ones. Of course, this notion holds true only if the person you have in mind is one of your closest friends or family members – otherwise, it wouldn’t be that special.

3 . Loyalty to Family – It’s simple: compasses represent the direction and no matter whether you get a tattoo with one needle or two it doesn’t really change its meaning. Direction equals loyalty which means that compass tattoos are there to remind you how much you love your family!

4 . Female Stability – Like men, women need stability too because it boosts morale and motivation in general. Compass tattoos also represent this idea so having one might make you feel more secure about what’s going on around you, especially if you get it inked on your hip – this place is associated with stability.

5 . Protection and Pride – Working women who do what they love often have compasses inked somewhere on their bodies to remind themselves how much value they create in society, but also to protect them from dangers that might become present in the future. At the same time, these tattoos are also symbols of pride so whenever you look at your body remember all the hardships you’ve undergone to get where you are now!

6 . Direction During Traveling – If you’re a traveler, then compass tattoos are perfect for marking your way through life’s journey. They show that there’s always something stable even when everything around seems uncertain because matter what happens you’ll always have your compass guiding you to safety!

7 . Female Adventure – The female adventure also has nothing to do with the outside world rather, it’s all about exploring who you are and how much power you possess within. Compass tattoos are perfect for this notion because they tell people that there’s no limit when it comes to what one might discover about themselves.

8 . There’s Always Room For Improvement – This idea is pretty much like men’s, but women will love it even more because of its emotional value. What could be better than having something stable in life which can always remind you of ways on how to improve? The answer is nothing so don’t waste another minute and go for this tattoo right away!

9 . Direction During Times of Weakness – Compass tattoos during times of weakness can also mean that you’ve lost your way. That’s right, every time you get a feeling that things around you are going downhill it’s always a good idea to touch your tattoo and think about the direction in which the needle points because this is exactly where you should be looking!

10 . No Limit to Love – Just like men, women love having compasses inked on their bodies because they represent something forever strong. In other words, compass tattoos sum up all their feelings for someone without saying a single word so if there’s someone out there who loves you then show them how much by getting one!

Compass Tattoo Designs & Ideas

There is an abundance of styles and designs for compass tattoos and we already know there’s no limit to their creativity. Some of them are made for male skin while others on the contrary are more feminine and created especially for women; these come into display both in the tattooing style and in the designs.

Here are the trendiest compass tattoos:

  1. Bold and Basic Compass Tattoos – this style is perfect if you’re into something that’s easy to hide under your clothes which doesn’t take too much attention away from it. The thing about basic designs is that they might look boring but they never go out of style so the next time you choose a tattoo don’t forget to add a captivating detail or two!
  2. Arrows and Nautical Stars – these jewels are added onto the base design in order to make the tattoo more decorative; after all, beauty should be present during every stage of life!
  3. Anchor and Compass Tattoo – what could be better than getting one compass needle pointing East while having an anchor attached nearby? This type of tattoo will for sure make you stand out and look strong on the outside as well as within.
  4. Viking Compass Tattoos – if you’re into those tattoos which show power, then this one is perfect for you! It’s not only about showing something that brings protection but also represents a new beginning.
  5. Bold and Feminine Compass Tattoos – this design is all about beauty and strength put together so it looks flawless on every woman’s skin no matter what age she has reached already. No need to tell how much love and care was put into creating it because once you lay your eyes upon it these words will be unnecessary!
  6. Arrow and Anchor/Compass Cute Tattoo – if you want to go for something that will make the world stop spinning around it’s always a good idea to choose tattoos that are made of two things combined together. This is exactly what this tattoo style offers plus, don’t forget about its cuteness factor!
  7. Cute Compass Tattoos – are you into cute tattoos or do you have all your life ahead of you? These are simply perfect because they’re easy to hide even under short sleeves but still show how much dedication was put into creating them. They’re simple, catchy, and very feminine so no one could say no to these little gems!
  8. Nordic Compass Tattoo – the Nordic-style compass tattoos which are made of an empty center surrounded by four symbols representing the four winds. They stand for protection so go ahead and check them out!
  9. Compass and map tattoo – This design is made of a map and a compass which looks like it’s steering the way to adventure. They have been used for centuries as a symbol of guidance so what could be better than having one under your skin?
  10. Nautical Compass Tattoo – every sailor loves this design because it reminds them of their roots, but truth is that not only sailors love them! It has become one of the most searched tattoos all around the globe so even if you don’t have anything related to water going on in your life you might want to check these out by getting one for yourself!
  11. Anchor and Arrows Tattoo – another great idea which combines two tattoos into one making them beautiful and powerful at the same time.
  12. Small Compass Tattoo – there’s no need to get a huge tattoo as long as it is as powerful as the big ones. A small compass needle under your skin will do the trick plus, you won’t have to worry about covering it up with clothes because of its size!
  13. Compass Flower Tattoo – this one will make you look feminine while still having some nautical symbolism behind your skin! It’s simple, easy to hide, and very bold at the same time. Perfect choice for every woman who wants something that would represent beauty and femininity combined into one gorgeous piece of artwork.
  14. Compass Rose Tattoo –   another version that is more feminine compared to the one above. It’s made of lots of details and has an attractive look that will definitely make you feel like a queen! No need to worry about covering it up with clothes because this design looks great even on slim arms.
  15. Pirate Compass Tattoo – this one is perfect for both men and women but it’s more preferred by men because of its masculinity. It represents strength and power which is something that everyone desires, don’t you think?

Whether you already have one or considering of doing a compass tattoo – please share in the comments – we’d love to hear what it means to you!