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80+ Tattoos About Pain And Suffering

Tattoo About Pain and Suffering

Tattoos About Suffering

There is a lot of pain out there. And whether you now feel at the bottom and you want to remember there are more hardships ahead, or you feel on top of the world and want to remember what it was like when you were at your all-time low, tattoos can really tell a story about an entire life.
The most important thing with pain is that it doesn’t last forever. As long as you lived through it, you came out the other side. That’s what pain is all about. But some people want to tattoo that struggle so they can remember how hard it was, and never want to go back again.
Some even go by saying that aside from the pain message in the tattoo itself, there is a meaning in the pain caused by the tattooing process that makes it even more meaningful for them.
Here are some tattoos about pain and suffering, in no particular order.

Tattoos About Pain

People get tattoos of all kinds of pain. Whether it’s emotional or physical, there are tattoos that can match any kind of pain you feel.
For the emotional aspects, some people get broken hearts, or a loved one’s name tattooed as a way of remembering an important person in their life.
For the physical pains, people get tattoos to remember things like having a kidney stone or going through chemotherapy. They can even remember intense sports injuries that they had to overcome and keep going on with their lives.
Tattoos about pain are a really powerful way of using the body as a canvas. Pain is something everybody can relate to, and painful memories can help keep people going through life’s difficulties as a way of putting things in proportions.

Tattoos About Suffering

Suffering is different than pain. When you suffer like when you are in anguish or feeling unwell for whatever reason, tattoos can help you remember an experience that was just not pleasant.
It’s very likely that you will never want to feel that way again in your life, so tattoos about suffering are a really strong way of not forgetting things that can be easily forgotten with time.

A lot of people get tattoos about the last thing they went through, so it’s like keeping memories fresh in your mind. Others might go for religious symbols or positive affirmations to help them persevere in life since it is all about getting through the bad parts.

Examples of tattoos resulted from suffering can also be on the “good side”, on the positive – tattoos of wings to represent freedom, or tattoos of the Sanskrit symbol om, which is said to be able to cure any ailment.

Pain Related Quotes Often Tattooed

There is of course the option of tattooing powerful words, sentences, or quotes that will (again) be used to either remind you of what happened or to push you through it. Here are more than 50 examples of such pain-related quotes:

Short phrases related to pain, struggle, and overcoming:

  1. “Love Hurts”
  2. “No Pain No Gain”
  3. “I’m Not Broken, I’m A Survivor.”
  4. “This Too Shall Pass.”
  5. “With Pain Comes Strength”
  6. “Live Like You’re Dying”
  7. “I Will Survive”
  8. “Every Last Breath”
  9. “Let The Flames Begin.”
  10. “Beauty is Pain”
  11. “I am strong. I am beautiful. I am enough.”
  12. “I’ve Lost The Fear Of Losing You.”
  13. “Keep Fighting, Never Give Up”
  14. “Every Struggle Makes You Stronger.”
  15. “It’s Not How You Fall, It’s How You Stand Up.”
  16. “Pain Is Temporary. Quitting Lasts Forever.”
  17. “Don’t Judge Me Just Because I Struggle.”
  18. “Life Doesn’t Get Easier. You Get Stronger.”
  19. “If You’re Tired Of Complaining, Start Living.”
  20. “I’m Not Weak. I’m Stronger Than I Used To Be.”
  21. “What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Stronger.”
  22. “The Bitter End Is Where We Really Begin.”
  23. “When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going!”
  24. “The Struggle Is A Loop. Just Wait Your Turn.”
  25. “Don’t Let Your Struggle Be A Sacrifice To Success.”
  26. “Don’t Let Life Hold You Back From Living It.”
  27. “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade.”
  28. “Life Is About Making It Through The Darkness.”
  29. “Every End Brings A New Beginning.”
  30. “I Have Lived And I Have Loved.”
  31. “With Every Breath I Take, I’m Resurrecting Myself.”

Longer Pain Related Quotes and Messaging

Don’t worry, these longer phrases don’t require HUGE arms.
There are elegant ways to tattoo entire sentences on your body. We elaborate more about it in our article about tattooing quotes.
For now, keep reading choose the one that fits your feel.
And don’t forget to share with us in the comments which one you chose at the end.
  1. “Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself. Life Is About Creating Yourself.”
  2. “If You Can’t Handle The Heat, Get Out Of The Kitchen.”
  3. “I Don’t Stop When I’m Tired. I Stop When I’m Done.”
  4. “The Struggle Is Proof That You Are Trying.”
  5. “You Are Never Too Broken To Rise Again.”
  6. “We Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night. We Will Not Surrender. WE WILL NOT REST UNTIL OUR WORK IS DONE.”
  7. “Never Quit On Yourself, Because When You Do…You’ve Lost The Fight.”
  8. “Smile Even Though Your Heart Is Breaking, Love Even Though You’re In Pain, Fight Even Though You’re Hurt.”
  9. “Pain Makes Us Who We Are. Without Pain, We Can Never Truly Be Who We Are.”
  10. “When Life Leaves Us Blind, Love Keeps Us Kind.”
  11. “You May Break Me. You Will Not Define Me.”
  12. “I Don’t Care How Hard It Gets. As Long As I Have Hope, It Won’t Be Hard Enough To Stop Me.”
  13. “Don’t Let Fear Stop You. Be Brave Enough To Live A Life Without Regrets.”
  14. “Don’t Let Your Past Define Your Future.”
  15. “It Is Not The Worthy Who Win. It’s The Determined Who Rise And Try Again.”
  16. “When Things Go Wrong, Don’t Go With Them.”
  17. “I’m The One With The Baddest Behaviour. And I Don’t Apologize For It.”
  18. “I Am My Own Hero, So Why Do I Need A Saviour?”
  19. “It’s Not Weak To Be Vulnerable. It’s Human.”
  20. “We Can Train Our Minds To Act As If We’re Unafraid, Even If We Aren’t.”
  21. “Courage Is Not The Absence Of Fear. Courage Is Facing Your Fears.”
  22. “I’m On A Mission To Be Stronger Every Day Because I Don’t Want To Miss Out On Life.”
  23. “Chasing Ghosts And Shadows Will Only Bring You Pain.”
  24. “I Can’t Control Everything. But I’m Not Supposed To, That’s Life’s Job.”
  25. “Suck The Pain From Another Day And Smile At While It Hurts.”
  26. “I’m A Fighter, Not A Victim. I Define Myself, I Am The One Who Controls Me.”
  27. “I’m Not Broken. I Am A Work In Progress.”
    “I Can’t Fix You, But I Can Be The One Worth Fixing.”
  28. “Take Every Moment And Make It Count.”
  29. “Don’t Let What You Cannot Do Interfere With What You Can.”
  30. “A Mind Is Like A Parachute. It Only Works When It’s Open.”
  31. “If You’re Not Strong, What Good Are You?”
  32. “Every Single Moment Is A Chance To Start Again.”
  33. “I’m Not My Mistakes. I’m The Person That Learned From Them.”
  34. “It Doesn’t Matter Who Hurt Me Or How Many Times They Tried. I Am Still Standing.”
  35. “I Didn’t Want To Survive, I Wanted To Live.”
  36. “You Spent All That Time Trying Not To Break Me. But What About When You Left? Who Broke Then?”
  37. “Don’t Let The Pain Of Your Past Hold You Back From Your Future.”
  38. “Sometimes It Takes A Storm For Us To Realize What We Cling To When We Really Need It.”
  39. “The Struggle Is Part Of The Story That Makes Us Who We Are.”
  40. “It’s Not The Bad Days That Make You A Strong Person. It’s How You Get Up And Keep Going When Life Knocks You Down.”
  41. “We All Have Dark Moments, What Matters Is That We Rise Above Them.”
  42. “You Cannot Carve A Piece Of Your Heart In Stone Because Everything Changes And Nothing Lasts Forever.”
  43. “It’s Weak To Care About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You.”
  44. “Always Look For The Strength Within Yourself Because It Really Is There.”
  45. “If We Never Get Tired Of Trying, We Will Never Stop Making A Difference.”
  46. “Life Could Be Worse. And I’d Be Furious If It Wasn’t So Much Fun Being Me.”
  47. “Every Day Is A Struggle. But You’ve Got To Fight It And Make The World Beautiful Even When Life Tries To Break You Down Everyday.”
  48. “This Was Never About Who Was More Broken. This Was About Who Was Willing To Fight For What They Want The Most.”
  49. “I’m Still Standing. And Look How Far I’ve Come.”
  50. “I’m The Girl That No One Can Tame. So Don’t Try To Change Me. It’s A Battle You Will Never Win.”
  51. “First They Ignore You, Then They Laugh At You, Then They Fight You, Then You Win.”

To Conclude

Whether you got your tattoo for one specific experience in your life that was difficult at the time but worth it in the end, or if you just want to remember how not to be, and keep moving forward and leaving the bad behind, tattoos can be a great idea for dealing with pain and suffering in your life.
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