Snake Tattoos

When it comes to tattoos, we’ve seen a lot of styles come and go. But, odd or not, one thing that always seems to remain, and even gains, is the popularity of snake tattoos. What makes them so trendy? Here’s a look at some things you might not know about these creatures as well as popular designs for those wanting an inked reminder.

Snake Tattoo Meanings

For the most part, people get snake tattoos for a variety of reasons. Some like the symbolism and what it represents in different cultures, while others choose specific designs to reflect their interests or personality traits.

In general, when it comes to snakes, two noticeable treats are protection and power. Let’s ellaborate:

Protection – Snakes have long been admired by people all over the world since ancient times because they represent protection from evil or bad luck. People believe that snakes are able to move between physical and spiritual realms, thus creating balance within their environment. This may be why snake symbolism has also frequently appeared in religious texts and images.

Power – People also choose snake tattoos because they can signify power and wisdom. Snakes may be a sign of renewal and transformation, which is why they’re often associated with goddesses and healing. Their ability to renew themselves every year has long been admired; many cultures regard the snake’s skin as a metaphor for rebirth or resurrection. Snake tattoos may also symbolize fertility, virility, and a general life force.

Now, let’s take a look at some popular snakes and what they symbolize:

Monocled Cobra – This cobra is a symbol of nobility, power, and knowledge. In some areas, it’s also considered to be a symbol of fertility. If you have this as your tattoo design, it can mean these same qualities or traits. You might even look at adding a baby cobra to represent a new family member.

King Cobra – A king cobra often represents aggression and authority. It’s usually featured in an upright position with its hood spread wide open. This means that the snake is either protecting something or ready for battle. It could also mean that you’re going into a situation bold and fearless.

Python – A python is seen as the ruler of all snakes by many cultures because of its strength, large size, and power to squeeze its food to death. If you get a python design, it can be seen as a symbol of your leadership skills or the ability to defeat your heavy burdens.

Boa constrictor – A boa con str ic tor is one that’s often found in tropical areas of South America. Its name tells you what it does with prey – squeezing them until they suffocate. This means that the snake tattoo means the same thing if worn by someone who wants to express their inner intensity, power, or even aggressiveness.


Featured Snake Tattoo Designs & Ideas

Here are some popular snake tattoo designs that you might want to consider:

Traditional Snake Tattoo

This is a classic, black and gray design of two entwined snakes. The coils give the image depth and show movement. There’s nothing fancy here – just a simple, yet bold design.

Small Snake Tattoos

These tiny tattoos can be placed anywhere on your body for a quick and easy symbol of protection and power.

Japanese Snake Tattoo

This full sleeve will give you not only an armful of symbolic power, but also includes some interesting images such as cherry blossoms which represent fertility in Japan as well as koi fish to attract prosperity.

Simple Snake Tattoo

This smaller version gets right to the point. A single, coiled snake is shown ready to strike, while its tail curls around the other side of your arm for complete protection. This would be a nice design for someone who’s looking to get inked with a tighter budget.

Snake and Rose Tattoo

A rose is often seen as an expression of love and romance while snakes can represent strength and sexuality. By having these tattoos paired together means that you’re willing to express yourself honestly and powerfully when it comes to love and attraction.

Skull and Snake Tattoo

Here we see a skull with a serpent coming out from behind it – probably about to bite its head off! If this image speaks to you, then it may you want people who know you well to be aware of your dark side, but also understand that you don’t fear death.

Snake and Infinity Tattoo

This is a snake wrapped around the infinity symbol. This means that the snake tattoo is a sign of absolute protection and journeying through life without end.

Snake and Dagger Tattoo

Another dark design, this time with a snake wrapped around a dagger. This can be seen as protection of the spirit and courage to battle through life successfully no matter what comes your way.

Snake Head Tattoo

A small, yet detailed design shows off just one part of the snake – its head! You might have placement issues with this one unless you have an open area on one side of your body where the tattoo fit nicely without being too obvious or in the way.

Simple Python Design

This larger snake tattoo design can be seen as power, responsibility, leadership skills, and respect. It’s often done in dark colors with heavy shading for definition. If you’re looking for an arm full of symbolism that demands people take notice – then this is the one to get!

Realistic Snake Tattoo

A different take on the popular snake tattoo design, this one is done in a realistic style rather than some of the other more symbolic looks. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t just as powerful or meaningful when worn by someone who takes their snake tattoos seriously!

Popular Placement Ideas for Snake Tattoos

Snake tattoos can be placed anywhere on your body. However, some of the most popular locations are:

Snake Tattoo on the Wrists –

This area is small and often has a lot of space to show off a snake design without it being too obvious or overpowering. Just remember that if you get a wrist tattoo, then you might have trouble concealing it depending on what time of year it is or what type of job you have.

Snake Forearm Tattoo –

Larger than the wrist, this location allows for larger snake tattoos while also making them noticeable enough to stand out from other tattoos. In fact, many people who get these types of tattoos tend to only get one since there’s not much room for more detailed work here.

Snake Arm Tattoo –

Here you can get a wide range of snake tattoos such as an arm sleeve, a snake torso tattoo, or even just covering one side with this detailed and powerful animal.

Snake Back Tattoo –

This is another location that’s big enough for many snake designs yet often has enough space to keep them from looking cluttered or crowded together. On the other hand, getting just the right design and placement can be difficult in this area so you may need to go back and forth with the artist until you get it perfect!

Snake Thigh Tattoo –

You might see some interesting designs on popular TV shows or in music videos but it’s actually pretty rare to find someone who has a thigh full of snake tattoos like they’re trying to make a statement (which usually isn’t very serious or meaningful). This placement works well for snakehead tattoos, detailed designs with a lot of colors, and feminine tattoos.

Snake Chest Tattoo –

Another large area of the body is where you can place several different types of snake tattoos since it gives you plenty of room for this type of design. Just make sure that your tattoo artist is experienced enough to not make any mistakes!

Stomach Snake Tattoo –

If you prefer to cover up more skin on your torso then the stomach will work great for snake tattoos. However, keep in mind that these are some of the most difficult places to get rid of later on so if you change your mind about them they may be hard to remove without surgery.

Snake Sleeve Tattoo –

Sometimes referred to as a snake torso tattoo, this popular placement for snake designs is the same as the arm since it allows artists to make either one or two long designs that wrap around your entire limb. If you’re looking for something unique and special then try thinking outside of the box and go with a sleeve design!

Snake Finger Tattoo –

A small but powerful way to show off both sides of your snake tattoo without having too many issues with concealing it or making it easy to see. You can also do finger tattoos in series so they flow together nicely on your hands.

Snake Spine Tattoo –

A tattoo on your spine can be done in a variety of styles and sizes. While you might not see it all that often, this is one of the more unique places to get snake tattoos since they look powerful and sleek!

Snake Ankle Tattoo –

If you want something small and meaningful, then consider getting a snake anklet so they’re always with you. This is also a popular choice for women who want to cover up their ankles while still showing off their skin during warmer months.

A Few Closing Thoughts

Remember that whatever meaning or reason you choose for your next tattoo design, it should be something meaningful and personal to you. While these designs might be trendy right now, you still want to make sure you know what works and what doesn’t before sinking your teeth (literally or metaphorically!) into a tattoo that won’t look great for decades. So please take the time to choose carefully and do plenty of research before getting inked!